Visit to Kaspar Schulz, Bamberg

We took a trip to visit Kaspar Schulz, our new brewery equipment supplier, in Germany to check in on our project and exchanges ideas and techniques about brewing with master brewers.  Our voyage began with visiting a couple of completed projects that at new and hugely popular Schanzenbräu brewery in Nürnberg and the amazing craft beer entertainment complex of Maisel and Friends in Bayreuth.  Both brewhouses are similar in configuration to our project, although we have some extra special modifications to handle our wide range of craft beers and extreme recipes.  More detail about that later.  The hospitality of both of our hosts was greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.  After our tour we made a pilot brew of a new beer with the Head of R&D of Kaspar Schulz.  This was an excellent hands on experience with the equipment and the wealth of knowledge that Jörg has about both the equipment and the process is truly a gift.  We even got a full behind the scenes tour of the Weyermann Malt factory in Bamberg, famous for their wide variety of specialty malts that craft brewers like Tanker rely on to make delicious and complex flavors.  We finished off the trip with a tour of the factory and a long session with our project manger followed by a round a visiting the finest very old, traditional, and family owned brewhouses the new crop of local modern craft beer.  It was a wonderful trip and we are super excited for the next steps.