Tanker appoints Diamond Beverages Oy as their new distributor in Finland

Starting from August 15th, Diamond Beverages Oy will take over Tanker craft beer distribution in Finland. Teaming up with Diamond is part of our strategy execution towards more professional operational model. While we have been happy with our beer availability so far, ramping up the production also means we expect more presence in supermarket chains in Finland.

Tanker craft beer has been available mainly in bars and grocery stores in bigger cities. Also the alcohol monopoly Alko has selected several products to their shops around the country. During the switchover time, Diamond is updating their product portfolio and has already started the negotiations with bigger supermarket chains SOK, Kesko and Alko. 

Diamond Beverages is a privately owned company founded in 1998. They are importers of beer, cider, ready-to-drinks, whiskies and other alcoholic beverages, as well as non-alcoholic beverages from several countries all over the world.