Raspberry sour beer Pretty Hard

We are announcing Pretty Hard, next star in our sour beer series. Tanker product portfolio has always been a bit rebel and the labels slightly masculine. Our sour beers again have a lot of female fans and we wanted to show our softer side also on the label. Therefore we turned to our friends at AW to create a soft and hilarious label. We were extremely happy with our previous collaboration with AW – black currant beer Red Rain and it was almost logical to continue our partnership. A girl on the Red Rain label was crying with broken heart,”I saw you looking other beers too.” This time she is in the middle of her essential items and feeling the pain of being beautiful, “It is so hard to be pretty!”

The beer has 300kg of raspberries giving the aroma, color and taste to our famous sour base we have been also using for other sour beers. The color is deep raspberry red. If the aroma is dominated by raspberries, then the flavor is much more complex – strawberries, cherries, raisins, plums and a lot more.

The video above is from our filling day few weeks ago. We got a helping hand from Finnish brewery Brewcats and Estonian group of beer lovers Õllenäkid. As you can see, the brewery work can be a lot of fun, especially with so many friends around. It is a small secret that Brewcats girls didn’t come over from Finland just to have fun. There are more news to come, so stay tuned!

Pretty Hard is available in the bottles and kegs until we run out. So go and ask our beer from a craft friendly shop/bar around you!