Over the last 3 years at Tanker we have experienced rapid growth in our sales and production of our craft beer.  The growth is fueled by new export markets and the changing preferences of beer and wine drinkers in Estonia. People are becoming more aware of how refreshingly different in taste a well crafted beer can be, in comparison to the watered industrial beer that has saturated the market.

We are a part of the revolution to bring back the tradition of honestly-made, small batch, local brewed beer using flavours of natural origin. We are producing dozens of different recipes to suit the many individual tastes that exist. At Tanker, we believe that fresh and delicious beer brings people together and we are proud to be a part of the craft beer community.

We have outgrown our current brewery and have a project underway for a new top-of-the-line brewhouse from Kaspar Schulz. The new brewhouse and facility will allow us to keep up with the demand and ensure the highest possible quality.

To participate more actively in the craft beer revolution and to gain more information about our development join our crowdfunding page at Funderbeam