Tanker christmas countdown calendar 2022 / preorder




Opening of advent calendars are not only childrens privilege!

We at Tanker also thought on adults.

Our calendar has 25 unique beer cans, YES 25 beers! We have created a colorful box, with numbered doors and inside is nicely securely packed beers.

So You have nice surprises until 25th of December.

Instructions for use: get started on the 1st of December, open one calendar door every morning, put beer in the cold, enjoy in the evening.

We have different styles of beers in the box. IPAs, sours, stouts, porters, BA beers and onli one alcohol free beers (cans are with sizes of 0,44l and 0,33l).

Shipping of the calendars starts from 2.11.2022 .

The price includes a deposit of 2.5 euros.

Beers contain barley and wheat malt, oats. More information on cans.


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Weight 12 kg