Beer Sauna Lager 0,5l can


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Sauna Lager

ALK 5,0% VOL

IBU/bitterness 26

EBC/color 12

Serving temperature 7-10 °C

Refreshing light lager with birch leaf extract.

Sauna Lager is a light lager that can be enjoyed on any occasion. Bright golden color, clear and clean flavors. Birch creates a pleasant combination of aromas and flavors. In the aroma malty sweetness, herbs and delicate spices from hops. The taste is dominated by the sweetness of the malt, which is pleasantly supported by the light bitterness of the hops and the freshness of the birch leaves.

Low bitterness, light body, refreshing and tasty beer.

Food recommendation: chicken dishes, Indian and Asian dishes, deep fried foods, classic cheeses, shrimps and shellfish, grilled meat.

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Contains barley malts.

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