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Tanker. Yes, it's a ship. Yes, it's a beer.
Tanker brewery is like a tanker ship, full of fresh beer on the way to beer lovers around the world. We are proud to be in the Estonian beer scene since the beginning of the craft beer revolution. In 2014, we established Tanker and our goal was to make the beer selection in Estonia more diverse and brew something special and tasty.
Today, craftbeers brewed in Estonia are highly recognized and highly valued all over the world for their quality, exciting and bold flavours. At Tanker, we work hard to ensure that fresh and tasty Tanker beer reaches every corner of the world quickly and freshly. Therefore we were the first brewery in Estonia who bought a canningline and started canning own beers, thus ensuring that the beer remains fresh and reducing the resources used for beer transport . Beer friends in Estonia, our fans and friends all over the world are very important to us. Our webstore always has a full selection of Tanker's beers. When ordering directly from the brewery - beer is always delivered as fresh as possible and shipping is arranged quickly. Our product range includes many different beer styles. We know how a good and fresh beer should taste and and how much it should differ from boring eurolager - because we really madly love IPAs, lagers, stouts, porters, goses, berliner weisses and wild sour beers. We like to experiment and sometimes even go bit too wild, but we believe that our long line of beers has beers for every taste!


Tanker Brewery´s unique flavour combinations, bold beer styles and surprising components can maybe be explained by the story of our most famous beer Sauna Session.
Our bestselling beer has been the Sauna Session and already for many years, the main ingredient of the beer is birch whisks collected from Estonian forrests. Sauna Session has defined a completely new style of beer in the Baltics and Scandinavia and has been even unsuccessfully imitated. The Sauna Session has become a kind of icon, offering an experience of something very special and Estonian - a sauna experience directly from the beer can. This beer is the result of many experiments and lucky coincidenses and turned out to be something really unique. Now we have created a nonalco version of it Sauna Session Zero and also an berliner weisse called Whisk Sour. We add dried birch whisks to the mash and the result is a special and refreshing beer with a strong birch aroma and taste
After the surprising success of the Sauna Session, we always pay a lot of attention to the smallest details in brewing and selection of raw materials. We are not afraid to take risks and experiment and implement ideas that at first seem completely crazy, it is the only way to discover new and exciting flavors. There is always something new and fresh in our beer selection, collaboration brews with breweries all over the world, seasonal brews, experimental brews and our core beers that also change time to time. Tanker was the first brewery in Estonia to start experimenting with wild sour beers, where we use domestic berries and fruits if possible. Today we have sour beer facility in our old brewery in Vaida. We also have small but bold and constantly growing barrelageing project called Black Pearl Series. In addition to dark beers, we also experiment with IPAs and sour beers aged in different barrels. Recently we have launched non-alcoholic beer line - fruity berliner weisses and Sauna Session Zero.

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