Bulletproof Tanker Reloaded

Bullet Brew and Tanker produced in collaboration the first Estonian beer kit. Every homebrewer can now brew Tanker Reloaded IPA at home and save the alcohol excise. Instead of travelling to Latvia, you can now easily brew your own. For this high quality masterpiece, you only need a fermentation bucket and some bottles. Since your homebrew will be ready in 3-4 weeks, we included some Reloaded bottles in the gift box. This will reduce your pain of waiting and you can compare your result with the product coming out from Tanker brewery. Excise on those bottles is prepaid for you of course.

Reloaded is the first beer coming out of Tanker own brewery. It’s full bodied, full flavored IPA, well balanced with caramel malt sweetness and hop bitterness that blends perfectly together. There are several additions of hops used to get a complex flavor profile.

Bullet Brew beer kit series is designed for craft beer enthusiasts with demanding taste. The beer kits are made from the finest malts and hops from around the world, and specialty yeasts selected for each style of beer. Each pouch is cold filled using the latest nitrogen technology to provide the ultimate contamination-free products. The low temperature process retains the delicate flavours and aromas traditionally lost during the pasteurisation of cans by prolonged heating and hot filling.  One can be sure of our product line, taste and quality is bulletproof!