Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend 2017

Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend is probably the best craft beer event in the region. We have been preparing for the event and are proud to announce the beer list available at our stand.

  • Black Currantine sour ale 7%

A collaboration brew with Bakunin Brewery (RU). Massive amount of black currant berries on top of our sour yeast strain make this beer mouthfeel as soft as juice

  • Hallucination IPL 7,6%

Our world famous India Pale Lager has been in RateBeer TOP10 and got a bornze medal in 2016. At the festival it is as fresh as possible, so come and try it before it runs out!

  • Kalev Robust Kama Porter 4,5% 

Kalev is our very limited edition collab with Kaapse Brouwers(NL). Earthy and nutty sessionable robust porter with notes of coffee and chocolate. Brewed with authentic Estonian “kama” powder which is a finely milled flour mixture of roasted barley, rye, oat and pea flour.

  • Shadow Assassin Black Barleywine 10,5

Our 2nd collab with Van Moll (NL) is a brand new style for us. Extra rost from caramel and chocolate malt make this barleywine more complex.

  • Animal Instinct Bruxellensis IPA 6,2

Animal Instinct recipe itself is not new and we have been brewin the beer for a year now. At the festival you get to taste the freshest version possible!

  • Abstraction Juicy Pale Ale 5,5%

Brand new beer available first time at TCBW. Abstraction is an ale version of our Hallucination. It’s so juicy and refreshing that makes you think there is fruits used in the brewing. This is not the case and all the freshness is coming from massive amount of hops only.

  • Kaksteistkuud 2017 8,8% (Anniversary Double IPA)

Our 2nd anniversary brew is an updated version of our last year Imperial IPA. In 2017 edition we used Simpsons Malt Limited Golden Promise barley malt and of course buckets of American and Australian hops. Vic Secret, Mosaic, Centannial, Ahtanum are used in boil, whirlpool and in dry hop to get the juicy tropical fruit flavors and bright herbal aroma.

  • Melody Imperial Stout 9%

Tanker Melody is a smooth and rich Imperial Stout with 9% ABV. It’s our tribute to the great Metal Ballads that captivate the mind and spirit. Let the gentle flavors wash over you.

In addition to this, you can find our Black Currantine BA edition at Bakunin stand to taste them side by side with simple version. The wine barrels used are giving this beer another dimention and some say it tastes more wine than beer. You can find another suprise at Borg Brugghús stand we have our collab Chocosourus 5,7% sour chocolate ale.

See you at TCBW!